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"You've Got Mail" review

As part of my Freshman Composition class, I have to write all sorts of different things, from personal letters to movie reviews. I wanted to sharing some of the essays I'm writing mostly as an exercise for myself, to put my writing "out there" and to learn to trust my abilities. Here's a movie review I had to submit today...I love this movie :)

Dialing Up Love             While it may seem quaint, perhaps even outmoded in these days of Tinder and the swiping of profiles, the movie “You’ve Got Mail” and it’s 20 year old technology still can capture one’s dream of true love being found in the big city. With the Upper West Side of New York City as it’s co-star, this film and its actors check most of the rom-com boxes when it comes to 1990’s movies, with a little drama on the side.             Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, in their third movie together, with a supporting cast that included Greg Kinnear, Dave Chappelle, Jean Stapleton and Parker Posey, “You’ve Got Mail” …

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