I Feel The Grip Loosening!

How do you break off a relationship that you have had for 40 years? A one-sided relationship, a relationship where the other half is totally dependent on you to be kept alive; and unless you cut things off, the other half will continue to bury itself deeper and deeper in you. It says to you, ' How could you leave me? I've been there for you. One of your first memories is of me and you together. We've grown up together.' T.V. junkie doesn't do it justice. Couch potato isn't accurate. On the couch, your mouth drooling, a vacant stare, hugging the remote, maybe. But potato?, no. Television wasn't invented to enslave generation after generation to the mind-numbing effects of QVC. At least I don't think it was. And if it wasn't meant for that, when exactly did we give television that control? When did television decide it was the right moment to make a power play for our lives? Television (or as I like to call it, ' Mr. PottyMouth') has grabbed a hold of us and in our desire to 'zone out' we've welcomed that ever tightening grip. So today I'm taking a stand. I'm wiping that drool from my chin and taking the batteries out of the remote! Let's throw out those TV Guides and go check out that place that's called "the front porch"! Hurrah!


Suzi Q said…
go Deb! Now if I can just do this with food! LOVED THIS BLOG