I Hung Up On Jenny Craig

New Year's Eve--ugh--count down lists, fireworks, and champagne...none of which I'm participating in. I wasn't going to write anything about New Year's, except now I am and I don't like the fact that I am. And for the record--"I am not making any kind of resolution because I always break my resolutions and then I resent the New Year for making me make a New Year's resolution and I really don't want to start off 2008 resentful towards the New Year!" Its not really the New Year's fault, I just like to blame it. I know, I'm kinda grumpy today. Speaking of which...
I am not going to go on a diet tomorrow...just wanted to get that one out of the way. Then why did I buy that 8 pack of Slim Fast on Saturday? Because I like the 'idea' of going on a diet. Or rather the results of going on a diet. I imagine all the great clothes I'd buy, the athletic challenges I'd attempt, how people would take a double look because they wouldn't recognize "Skinny Deb". And looking at that red and white box in the fridge reminds me of those wonderful dreams, of what could be. If Valerie Bertinelli can say she is going to wake up New Year's Day and for the first time not think about her weight, then I say "sounds good to me!"