Man, I Hope Someone Reads This!

Another Monday has come close to an end and I haven't been on my blog all week...hubby and the kids are all out right now so I figured I'd give it a fresh start...Our pastor challenged our church family to read thru the bible this year and I've taken him up on it..I am glad to say I have done better at that challenge than the challenge I set for myself as far as writing every day on the blog...(and I think the pastor's challenge is more important, do you?)..but I didn't start in Genesis..our pastor mentioned that for a lot of years he would start out the new year, determined to read through the bible fully and he would be doing great until he would get to 1 Chronicles...and the chapters upon chapters of names...so, to avoid that I decided I would start in 1 Chronicles! And you know what? The chapters of names hasn't bad at all..it has actually made me feel like more a part of the Family. I am getting to know folks that most people today probably skim right over (what I would usually do too). The amazing prayer of Jabez is tucked in Chapter 4, the Tabernacle gatekeepers of Chapter 9 have reminded me that no job is small in the eyes of the Lord, I've gotten a fresh look at the second chance God gave the Israelites to move the Ark His way, and I have seen David whirling and dancing in the streets of Jerusalem (Dancing with the Stars ain't got nothing on him). So in the spirit of this challenge (which btw is never too late to start), I'm placing on the right side bar how to read thru your bible in a year!

I pray you'll join me in this challenge!


I Ate The Whole Box On My Way Back To Reality

Oh to be consistent...when I started this blog, it was during my Christmas vacation..lots of free time to think and write and read and cook...but now my reality has shown up at the door like a Girl Scout selling cookies...you don't really want to answer the door but you really like those Thin Mint cookies! I love my reality, but I really did enjoy the break from it those 10 days in late December. I want to have a better balance, but who doesn't? So its back to reality I go, a little wistful but I'm happy too, I got my Thin Mints!


Abba Father Knows Best-Robert Young Didn't

God gives me just what I need. Even when I don't realize it. Does that make sense? How often do I ask our God for help, and then turn around and expect that He will answer me in the way I think He should, could, would. That He will bless, heal, reveal, confirm in the way I would do it. And the thing is, I know I don't have all the answers, I know I don't always know best. So why do I try to do His job? He is God, I'm not. He is Sovereign, I'm not. Simple as that.


Kaitlin's Journey: She's Decided!

Our oldest daughter had a deadline today. She had to have a final decision on January 1, 2008 as to where she would be attending college this fall. So after we watched the ball drop last night, I turned to her and said, "So?"... and she knew exactly what I was asking her. She got a little anxious at that moment, you could tell because she started to dramatically fall over onto the couch cushions, but then she said "Liberty". So with that one word, our child made her first big decision as a young adult. She has taken another step forward on that path that God has designed specifically for her. Where that path leads is an exciting and kinda scary thought. But what makes this decision really wonderful is the way in which she came to it. She didn't decide on the college because her friends are going there, in fact none of her friends are. She didn't decide to go there because its really far from home, in fact that was the most troubling aspect of going there for her. No, she came to her decision through a time of prayer, and by seeking out Godly counsel. She talked with the people in her life that have mentored her, loved her and taught her. She asked people to pray for her. She prayed. And her parents prayed too.

A simple shopping story...

Her cart was dripping. The grocery cart she was pushing around the produce section of the big box store I had just entered was drippin...