Abba Father Knows Best-Robert Young Didn't

God gives me just what I need. Even when I don't realize it. Does that make sense? How often do I ask our God for help, and then turn around and expect that He will answer me in the way I think He should, could, would. That He will bless, heal, reveal, confirm in the way I would do it. And the thing is, I know I don't have all the answers, I know I don't always know best. So why do I try to do His job? He is God, I'm not. He is Sovereign, I'm not. Simple as that.


Suzi Q said…
Preach it sister! Once we get that nailed down, the rest is easy because we aren't stuggling to figure life out, we are "letting go and letting God"....hope you are having a great to work I go, love you too!
Lynn Stevens said…
Wow Deb! Are you reading my mail from God? Thanks for your honest reflections and words of truth. It sure seems as though God has us both on the same page, dealing with the same issues: too much time in front of the TV, priorities... I have been reading Haggai 1 and in verse 7 God asks me to consider my ways and how have I fared? I have been taking inventory and do not like what I see. Sooo, I guess I have not fared well. He then says GO up to the hill country, get lumber and rebuild His temple. By God's grace I will be obedient completely! Love Ya Lynn