I Ate The Whole Box On My Way Back To Reality

Oh to be consistent...when I started this blog, it was during my Christmas vacation..lots of free time to think and write and read and cook...but now my reality has shown up at the door like a Girl Scout selling cookies...you don't really want to answer the door but you really like those Thin Mint cookies! I love my reality, but I really did enjoy the break from it those 10 days in late December. I want to have a better balance, but who doesn't? So its back to reality I go, a little wistful but I'm happy too, I got my Thin Mints!


Suzi Q said…
Oh Deb...teach me to be more like you...you write such great blogs, short, sweet, yet profound....yes, like you...I kind of live in this fairy tale world over the holidays...kind of like my life will be forever changed, then like you, reality sets in!