Kaitlin's Journey: She's Decided!

Our oldest daughter had a deadline today. She had to have a final decision on January 1, 2008 as to where she would be attending college this fall. So after we watched the ball drop last night, I turned to her and said, "So?"... and she knew exactly what I was asking her. She got a little anxious at that moment, you could tell because she started to dramatically fall over onto the couch cushions, but then she said "Liberty". So with that one word, our child made her first big decision as a young adult. She has taken another step forward on that path that God has designed specifically for her. Where that path leads is an exciting and kinda scary thought. But what makes this decision really wonderful is the way in which she came to it. She didn't decide on the college because her friends are going there, in fact none of her friends are. She didn't decide to go there because its really far from home, in fact that was the most troubling aspect of going there for her. No, she came to her decision through a time of prayer, and by seeking out Godly counsel. She talked with the people in her life that have mentored her, loved her and taught her. She asked people to pray for her. She prayed. And her parents prayed too.


Suzi Q said…
Deb...this is awesome (I think)....as long as she gave it to God and "considered it done"....and knowing Kaitlan, that's exactly what she did...I am so proud of her, when will she leave?