If I Had Home Schooled: "Let's Take A Field Trip To Wal-Mart Today"

As our oldest child comes closer to graduating from our one public high school (here in our small rural county), thoughts of "what if?" have floated through my mind. The choices Mark and I made as young parents, did they hurt or help our children? Should I have home schooled them? Do they have too much of the world influencing them and not enough of us? I've been struggling lately with these very thoughts. I see so many young families in our church starting out, and the choices some of them are making are the very ones that I think I wish we had made. Make any sense? But I know that the path we have followed together as a family was designed just for us. Regret has been copping a squat on my brain lately and I'm ready to give it an eviction notice. I know that I could have done more as a mother. I guess any mother who is honest with herself will say that. But now as my teenagers grow into young adults, I need to turn my focus to their future, not my past. I have always thought about who they will be as adults. I've dreamed about who God has for them as their spouse. I've even tried to do a little match making (my Jewish heritage coming out), but He knows best. He is the Author of our family and I need to leave any fleshly regrets of the past in the past.