The Answering Machine Voice--I Don't Really Sound Like That Do I?

There is nothing better in life than a house full of young voices. As summer has begun, and life has slowed down a little more that usual, our kids are home, usually with a friend or two, ( last night at one point I think there was a total of seven under 25 here). I wandered around the house, hearing their laughter, watching them watch some silly video, talking about going to Italy one day, and all the while, thankful they were here.

(Of course I have to disclose that at 12:08 a.m. I got out of bed and let those still here know that EVERYTHING was too loud and asked them to please, knock it off)

When I was 14, 15,18, all I wanted was to be somewhere else. Certainly not at home, and especially if any adults were there. So I'm blessed that our kids want to be here, even when their mom and dad are too. (We, the ones with the old voices)

As life changes again, as it always does, I want our home to cultivate a feeling of welcome, to have that gift of hospitality that has sometimes hidden itself during the busy times of life.

Young voices are a blessing, even when one of the old voices asks them to knock it off.

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