A God Story

Mark and I started our own general contracting business in May 2006. He left his managerial position at the company he had worked for 20 years, since before we were even married. He obtained his contractors license, started advertising and got to work. After about 6 months, we prayed and sought the Lord for someone to bring along to work with Mark. We both felt confident who that person was, and after approaching he and his wife, they prayed for 2 weeks and decided to join us. Now you need to know that all during the time we had our company, Mark working it full time, we had no health insurance at all. None. And we were using our retirement fund to run the company. 20 years of contributing to a 401k. You do the math. People thought we were CRAZY. But when He calls you to something, you go.

Anyway, it got to be January of 2007 and the slow down had already started. We got to the point that we couldn't keep our friend employed anymore...but God provided a better job for him with in a month. He put out the word he was looking and his former boss knew a guy, etc. And a job and health insurance were soon his.

Now we were really starting to feel the pinch. We were down to the almost last of our money. But we knew that He was in control and if we were obedient to Him, He would make a way. Blessings always follow obedience.

Mark got a few phone calls from a former boss right during the time our business was doing good. The calls were a request from his old boss to come and work at his new company. Now we didn't brush aside these calls, even though times were good. Each time he called, we would pray, but the answer was always, "thanks, but no thanks"

And now, times were getting hard. We didn't think about those phone calls, we didn't think about anything but how we were going to make it day to day.

And then Mark was driving into town one morning, and the cell phone rang. Only when he picked up, the person on the other end wasn't calling for my Mark, he was calling another Mark, another Mark who also had the same last name as ours. It was my Mark's former boss again. He said, "well I was actually calling Mark _______ (they have different middle initials), but since I've got you on the phone, would you consider going to work for me again?"

A better salary, health insurance, flexible schedule, other benefits as well...

Now you probably think Mark said "YES!" right away. But he didn't. He wanted us to pray about it and seek godly counsel, which we did. Our pastor prayed with us and counseled us.

We did answer "Yes" and by the beginning of the following week, Mark was back in Corporate America.

So now its been a year since we lost our business and since we've been blessed with a stable income and insurance...btw not one of us ever got sick the 2 years we went without insurance, not even a cold...God's unmerited grace upon us...

And today, well today continues the God story...Mark is a candidate to be laid off within the next few....days, weeks, months, who knows...only Him. But together we have a binding peace, something that people might again think is CRAZY. I can only explain the peace that we both have as from the Lord. He is working in our lives in ways we never thought would happen. He will make a way!

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Barb said...

Thanks for you "God Story" Deb. I'm reminded of the words from a song...."Through it all, through it all, I've learned to trust in Jesus, I've learned to in God..." Gosh, that's good stuff Deb. Even though difficult times may be at your door again, "through it all" God will walk with you and you will trust and obey Him as you have before. East time we trust and obey Him, we see His face a little clearer and understand His ways a little clearer. This we know....He WILL take care of us and lead us, if we will let Him. I will be praying for your family, who is so unbelieveably precious to me. You are like a sister to me and I adore you and your family.

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