I Think Polident Is On Sale At The Winn-Dixie

I've done it: I've bought a moo-moo. I don't even think that's how you spell it, but I'm still in a little bit of a daze since I put it the cart this afternoon. I'm actually wearing right now...scary, huh? The tag didn't say 'moo-moo', it said 'duster'...I guess I'm supposed to dust while wearing it? Not gonna happen...

So I guess this makes me officially middle-aged.

Its almost like a surrender flag, although it's pink not white. I have bought a symbol (for me at least) of old lady clothing, so I've just surrendered the last piece of youth left in me. At least it feels that way right now. I know that it is really all about comfort at this minute but do I really want to start down that path? If I keep it up, I can see pink curlers, knee highs, and a hair net just around the corner.

So, for now I'll just wear the pink thing
(I've got enough weight issues
without using the word 'moo-moo' to describe my clothing)
around the house, poor Mark, and I'll roll up and put away
the surrender flag until I really need it.

Like if I start to feel the need to have dinner at 4:00 p.m.


Barb said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I'm rolling Deb! You bought a moo-moo!!! Alright girlfriend, I don't even have a moo-moo yet and I'm 55!!! What's up with that?? You're killing me! BUT...I have to admit that I have fallen prey to other "middle-aged" behaviors myself, just in other areas! Thank God I still haven't started 4:00 dinners yet, but I have a feeling they are just around the corner! As bedtime gets earlier and earlier it only stands to reason that dinner WILL eventually end up being at 4:00!! :) Man, I remember my mother being not much older than I when dinner was at 5:00. Not 5:01 or 5:05 but PROMPTLY at 5:00. I used to think how ridiculous this was and now, here I am seeing myself AND fighting it all way, about to be in that same boat. Ahhhhh well, it has to happen sooner or late, right??? But I am going to fight it all the way. Thanks for the humor and enjoy your "duster," just make sure the curtains are drawn when you're wearing it! I love you dear friend!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love it....reminded me of last year when I broke out in a whole peice swimsuit complete with built in skirt....my sister who are in their 50's and 60's about laughed me out of the pool! I promptly told them, "I'm sorry girls, but I'm all into comfort!" I was laughing with a friend the other day, I told her that Mike would love nothing better than for me to wear "big" hair with short bangs (like I did in the 80's...and the more bleached the better...but unfortunately, my present haircut is to please other women more than my husband (I hope you know what I mean...that didn't sound right!) I wear cut off scrub pants and old T-shirts of Mike's around the house,

IC Jesus said...

Ok guys, I am trying SO HARD not to be offended here!!!

Even Lacey has a fabulous vintage Hawaiian muumuu and she is in her 20’s. (Don’t tell any of her friends please-it is tailored with tasteful toned down colors after all…)

It’s about the Aloha spirit of the islands – wishin’ you were there type of feeling!!! (By the way the correct spelling is “muumuu” LOL)

You guys better start shopping for a Hawaiian style muumuu…. Cathy says that will be the required dress code at her funeral.

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