I Told One On The Phone Yesterday

Our pastor has been encouraging our congregation to share what he calls our "God Stories". Every believer has a God story; people, events, situations, things that happen in our lives that can only be explained by the presence of our loving God.

Mandisa even sings about God stories in her song "God Speaking"--I love that girl!

God stories can be big or small, but every one matters, because each one is important in our own growth and maturity. Each God story we have in our lives can build upon the last and if we share them, they can be encouraging to others.

God stories can happen when we see someone who is in pain or turmoil or in a situation where they think there is no hope. And then His grace and mercy begins to work in their surrendered lives, like the healing balm of Gilead. Their countenance changes as He ministers. And as the situation changes or the pain eases, they can look back down that road and see how God worked in their life. And if they share their God story with someone else...what a blessing.

Share a God story from your life with someone today. That lady behind you in the check-out line might need to hear it.

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