It's Not A Graduation Party Without Granny's Meatballs

Graduation has come and gone at our house.

For weeks we planned how we would celebrate our oldest child's high school graduation and now she is getting ready to go to college. The celebration was a blessing, lots of friends and family who we love so much...those who couldn't come were missed, but thought of as we went through the day. We reconnected with close friends during the week, phone calls and visits, emails and pictures sent back and forth. Special friends who came early and stayed late, rolled up their sleeves, to make sure everything was ready when we got home.

Getting the house ready that week, I was brushing down spiderwebs that were over our fireplace (so many I could have crocheted a blanket) and I started to think about the family pictures that have been on the mantle the 20 plus years we have lived here. Her preschool picture is there and now we have a graduation picture to put along side of it.

Something that really surprised me during the week was that I only cried once. Our church celebrates our graduates every year with a slide show during morning service. I didn't cry during it but as soon as my daughter's beloved mentor and friend got up and started to sing

She sang about setting the world on fire, helping the helpless, how small we are and how big He is. She sang, asking God to use every part of her, how she was willing to give Him her everything.

The tears started to flow, and the image of her future and the possibilities that lay before her flooded my mind. How exciting to know that now her future begins. It starts today. She is willing to give Him her everything. What ever is to come in her life, she is fully aware of His sustaining power. The plans may change, the path she goes may not always lead to where she thought it would end, but she has confidence in Him. Too cool.

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