Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 2

We have a drive-thru store in our little town called "The Pit Stop" and its great!

Growing up near Tampa, back in the old days, we had a chain of small drive-thru's called "Farm Stores". You could get milk (always in a paper half-gallon), or an ice cream sandwich, only if you behaved in the car. We would drive through in my grandmother's 1976 Bicentennial edition Impala, white with red and blue pinstripes. We looked like a white whale.

Anyway, our little drive-thru here is great--they are really friendly and it is a breeze to pull through, especially since I don't have to drive the white whale. It beached itself about 2o years ago.

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Cub Scout Pack 895 said...

I remember the day their '73 green Pontiac Skylark was converted into an accordian and when they got that huge white aircraft carrier!--------love, Bubba

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