Why Can't He Write About Getting Stuck In Traffic?

I hear a semi-famous comedian being interviewed on the radio this afternoon as I was driving home from work. He has written a new comedy book about religion and of course was promoting it. As the announcer started to take callers and their questions, someone asked him why, he thought, people are "religious". And he said the words, "It's all about death. As people are faced with death, they want to believe they will be okay. If we lived forever, we wouldn't have religions..."

"I mean, it can't be that simple."

Now I have heard talk about people who believe this, that it can't be as simple as believing what Paul says in Romans 10:9

that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord,
and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead,
you shall be saved;

But I was really surprised how much it shocked me to actually hear someone say it,

"I mean, it can't be that simple."

I get teased sometimes about living in a bubble, to which I usually reply, "that bubble was burst a long time ago." Serve anytime in ministry and it does...

But my reaction to this remark reminded me that I do still have some of that bubble residue left on me. And its okay to still have a little bit left...I think it helps keep my heart from being hard, dry, and brittle. Seeing people as Christ sees them, that's how I want to see people.

And you know, the comedian was right about one thing...it is about death. Without the gift of salvation that has set me free, I would be dead.

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Barb said...

I love this one Deb. Powerful and deep. Your comedy makes me grin and your depth makes me throw my head back, close my eyes and think long and hard. Sure do love how you think AND how you live your life!

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