I Didn't Realize Hefty Made My Size

Okay, I'll admit it...

I don't have an ounce,
not a gram,
not a milli-anything...

of fashion sense.

As someone who wears
a pink gabardine duster
around the house,
I'm well aware of
my non-existent status
as a fashionista...

I have trouble with
the whole "package"

my lack of fashion sense goes waaaay back,
my mother's fault actually...
because she did have the whole "package"
she just forgot to pass it down to me...

and here's proof:

mom....1963...giving Jackie Kennedy a run for her money

me...1983...giving anyone within a 5 mile radius a reason to run

yes that is a trash bag I have on...don't bother to ask,
but I will say this...
in the room who looked like that...
no names will be revealed
to protect the innocent


Barb said...

Dear Fashionista!
Girlfriend....you are ALWAYS in style in my book! You are puuurrrrfect in my book any day of the week. OK.....so I'm a bit prejudiced and narrow-minded but still, in my book, you always look gorgeous. I really don't have a lot of fashion sense either, I just wear what I like and really don't mind if others don't like it or think me strange. I AM strange so why try to hide it!! That's why I love you soooooooooooo much, cause you're strange too!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, the trash bag looks mahhhhhvelous on you darling!

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

I love the garbage bag!!!! Yeah, you are talking to the queen of NO fashion sense, I have to show Shanna what I'm wearing and say, "Is this something that will make my family proud"....I got it honest too, my mother's kitchen walls were decorated in the bright sunflower wallpaper and her organizational skills left much to be desired (just like me)

IC Jesus said...

Unfortunately, since I am sort of the artsy type - EVERYTHING matches to me!!

One thing I have learned about fashion is that even though it may not mean much to me or most of my friends it can be a very powerful thing. The last clothing makeover Lacey did for me attracted a 28 year old boyfriend. (And we all remember what a disaster THAT relationship was)

So, I remain ever balanced on the beam between “crazy old lady” vs. “too hip / young for my age”. Surely there HAS to be some happy medium…..

Jenn said...


I remember when I used to do my hair all spikey and crazy and my pseudo-mom, Sharon, would say, "Jenn, someday you're gonna look back at those pictures and say, 'what in the world was I thinking?!'"

My response? "Probably, but you know what else I'll be thinking? 'That was SO stinkin fun!'"

She couldn't rebut. Sometimes (and I do mean only sometimes) a comeback will flow from my lips effortlessly.

BUT, the point is, that your garbage bag is okay. I'm sure it was fun and in no way shape or form will cause others to think you're odd. We all know the truth. :)

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