Life Magazine Called-They're Cancelling My Subscription

I've always loved to look at photographs, doesn't really matter the subject, from wildlife to couture dresses, I love pictures. I received a beautiful postcard today with a photograph of Yosemite valley (thanks Barb, love you!) and I caught myself staring at it more than a few times today. I used to dream about being a famous photographer for Life magazine, traveling the world, dressed in khakis with a huge Nikon camera hanging from my neck. I'd be where the action was, swinging around and clicking,clicking,clicking...getting the prize winning picture every time.

But in reality, when it comes to actually taking pictures, I am what you call a "picture-attempter", not a photographer (I'm not really supposed to use that word), not even "picture-taker" is accurate for what I do to cameras and photos...

I'll get to the actual photos in a second, but first the equipment...

I had, up until this week, only been allowed to LOOK at the cameras in our house...not allowed to TOUCH in any manner. Strangers have no idea how bad it can be if I get a hold of their camera, so that's who I usually target if I want to get a close up look. Without fail, if I'm asked to take someone's picture with their own camera, like at a theme park, or a birthday party, the camera is never the same when they get it back. I've pressed a button, turned a knob, touched a lens, that I'm not supposed too (yes, I know now that you are NEVER to touch the lens with your finger, but sometimes when I look through the viewfinder it looks like it might be dirty so I figure if I wipe it off, I'm helping, I like to help)

The only camera I've been allowed to own is those $4 Wal Mart disposable ones (not even a name brand one) so that might give you an idea how bad it is. I've wanted a digital camera for a long time, but especially since I been blogging. I have seen so many beautiful photos on other blogs and thought to myself, "I can try and do that too!" So this week, I asked my wonderful husband, that since he rarely uses his little digital camera, the one that just sits there, in its little black case on the bookshelf, "could I borrow it for awhile?"

He said, "no" (look of disappointment on my face at that point) then he said, "okay, you can have it" (smiling now), I guess he thought he'd might as well just give it to me, that he'd probably never get it back in one piece if I just "borrowed" it.

So I ran, okay, walked fast, to his office and took that precious little camera down from the shelf. I think I heard a faint whimper as I pulled it from the case, like it knew what was coming, but whatever, I had a camera! I put new batteries and a memory card into the correct places (amazing) and turned the knob (to the right symbol, thank you very much). And it happened...at that moment I took another step into the 20th century. Of course it happened during the 21st century, but who cares, I had a REAL camera!!! And it wasn't made of cardboard!!!

Now for my picture taking skills...the photo I took of our sideboard with all the pictures on it (in the post below) took getting into four different positions to take:

Standing up, Sitting on a chair, Schooching back across the floor in the chair, and finally, Sitting on the floor.

Then I had to "google" to figure out how to edit the picture, discovered Photobucket, poked around that for 20 minutes and then spent another 45 minutes editing ONE picture.

I'm not sure I wanna be a photographer now (slightly whiny voice), its hard...

No, no, no! I'm not giving in...I will go forward, I will push myself to learn, I will dedicate days, weeks to the art of photography ( well, maybe a couple hours a month)

And after all that...

eh, the picture could be better...but at least no one's head is cut off like usual.

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IC Jesus said...


I always wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic!!!!

Don't feel bad, I would have taken 15-20 pictures of your sideboard to make it work. At least you have your height as an advantage, I am always teetering on top of something trying to get the perfect angle.

Don't feel bad - I picked Jon Fletcher's brain all the way to Africa & back (twice) and still haven't gotten the hang of everything.

I don't want to EVEN get started on editing...... Jon said the first 2 years he worked at the Gainesville Sun that was his job (editing other photographers work) and it still takes him several minutes for each shot. (That made me feel MUCH better!! :)

You are more than welcome to play with my camera stuff anytime. As a matter of fact, I feel a picture taking expedition on the horizon. Are you up for it? Hmmmmmmm???

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