Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 4

Sunday afternoon, just sent an email out to friends and family, reminding them to look at my blog...
ugh, my stomach is starting to hurt a little...that always makes me feel queasy...asking those you love to read what you've tried to write.

I told my friend the other day that I'd been snooping around other blogs again and I was starting to feel like a total idiot, comparing my feeble attempt at blogging to these super-women of the internet, those incredible ladies that are able to blog, fix dinner for a family of 11, change a flat tire, and plant a garden all at the same time.

I went as far as to purchase a "for Dummies" book on Friday, about web sites, a great book, especially since in was on sale.

And as I looked over the book, I thought about the purpose behind blogging for me...to share snippets and words, pictures and funny things that have found their way into my life...the blog shouldn't exist to try to create some over-processed, staged portrait of my life...that's not what I want it to be about. I want my blog to be about small moments in the evening or, a few minutes during the day, a time to create.

Not the center in which my life swirls around. I've been around enough scrapbookers to know when photos are taken of life moments just to have something to scrapbook. And I don't want to think, "okay, nothing happened today, what can I create today to put on the blog?", or "did you see her blog site? I've got to get music in the background of mine too!"
So far it has flowed pretty naturally and I want that to continue...

So this is how my blog is going to be...probably no fancy clip art, or ads, at least for now. I hope you drop by and check it out--

And PLEASE leave a comment...I love hearing from you!


Barb said...

Dear Friend,
You always light up my day with your simple inner thoughts put into type.....as you said, snippets etc. I love it all probably cause you and I think so much alike. You think like I think and I'm sure that's why we're such wonderful friends. I love your simplicity on the blog and simply stated facts and goings on in your life. Most people don't let others into their mind! You and I are either just stupid enough to do so....just brave enough to do so....or just love life and its' craziness and people enough to do so! I choose the latter of the 3, don't you? Love you Deb and I'll be reading what you are writing while I'm away. It'll make me feel close to home and loved ones. I'll be posting hopefully daily to keep you up on what I"m doing. I'll miss you terribly. I love you!

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Deb...like you..I am constantly trying to perfect my blog...but I'm just too free spirited to do that...I absolutely love your blogs, I can see you all over them (can I look at your book later?)

IC Jesus said...


I didn’t even know you had a Blog!!! You may have told me, but the retention sometimes is not what it used to be… LOL

The other day I told Barb I have thought about starting one, but not so sure where & how to start. What a great way to keep up with friends.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Always, Angel

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