No, I Didn't Cuss

I hate it when I think,
"I haven't put my foot in my mouth in quite awhile".

I hate it because,
without fail,
every stinkin' time,
literally within 24 hours of thinking it,

I end up with the smell of rubber sole on my breath and a Payless price tag stuck to my lips.

And sure enough, I thought it Sunday and I spoke it Monday...

Why do I think this thought and then as if my mouth is forced open by some unseen arm-twisting, I say something that I end up regretting? Or worse, fret about at midnight?

Do I somehow want to fulfill some self prophecy of stupidity?

Do I forget past lessons hard-learned from this former potty mouth?

Do I see some non-existent opportunity to impress the flesh with careless words?

Yes to all of the above...

1 comment:

IC Jesus said...


You are not alone my sister, just when I start letting down my guard the hammer will inevitably fall.

The odd thing is, I would NEVER knowingly say something to hurt someone. But when I scrounge up the courage to ask “Did I hurt your feelings?” the other party usually doesn’t even know what I am talking about.

Always, Angel

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