He Also Knew How To Cook

Our cat, Tinker, used to play fetch...

We discovered his unique talent
by chance, naturally...

I mean, who thinks their cat will play fetch?

We lived in our first apartment
and one day, Mark sat down
in one of the two chairs we owned...

and felt something moist,
actually something wet,
actually something covered in cat spit,
stuck in the chair cushion

so he pulled the object
from the cushion
and discovered it was the cat's
stuffed fish toy

so as Mark threw the wet fish
down the hallway of our apartment,
Tink, who had been resting
on the top of the chair,
leaped up and scurried down
the hallway, took his fish in his mouth
and brought the toy back to Mark

so he threw the fish again...

and Tink brought it back...again, and again, and again

Tinker was a great cat...

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"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Wow...Tucker is amazing...our cat Punkin is "some cat" too....we used to take Shanna's covered rubberbands and shoot them across the room onto the linoleum (that way Punkin would skid across the floor when she went after them)....we did this endlessly. When my dad was alive, he would just sit and stare at her as she performed these amazing acts

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