Its The Couch's Fault

How I spend my Sunday afternoons...

Without fail, on Sunday afternoons you'll find me on the couch,
watching either, The Civil War or Anne of Green Gables...
whichever PBS is running...(I know, exciting stuff)

the problem is I never make it through the whole program...
usually within 20 minutes of turning the show on
and getting comfy...I'm snoring

so then it starts all over again the next Sunday
I turn on the show, I get comfy, I snore...

so at this point I have now watched the first shot fired
in the Civil War about 785 times
but I have no idea what happens next...

I've seen Anne leave the orphanage,
but I don't know if Mirella decides if Anne can stay
with her and her brother Matthew...

it's like the movie 'Groundhog Day',
(for that one I managed to stay awake),
I keep reliving the same 20 minutes
over and over again...

Maybe this Sunday will be different...
maybe I'll make it to Gettysburg...


Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 7

Just a few loose ends...

check out my friend Sue's new blog...Journey of a weight watching fool... the link is on my blog roll..she has some great tips and ideas and you'll love her honesty about the struggle we all seem to have with our weight...

We are finally dried out from Tropical Storm Fay, but now Hanna is churning out in the Atlantic...

Kaitlin is doing great at school, we hear from her at least twice a day (cell phones or emails). She did tell me yesterday that she's glad she's there. Thank You Lord...

Her dorm participated in a prayer vigil this morning at 5:00 a.m. The girls walked to the college's prayer chapel which had specific prayer stations. You could write at each station what or who you were specifically praying for. There were stations for the college and students, families, our country, the military, your hometown, your home church and pastors...she felt lead to pray for our pastors and wrote down their names, so now they are a part of Liberty too! We are blessed beyond measure that the Lord has made a way for Kaitlin to attend here.

I've started a fast from junk basically,
the list of what I am not going to eat is so long
I'd be writing for days...

I did have a small victory last night...the kids had some friends over after the high school football game and we got them pizza...so we picked the pizza up and I had to carry in on my lap for the ride home, and I just started to pray: "Lord I need Your Holy fruit of self control, I need You to strengthen me with Your Strength, Your Might, Your Power...I can't do this on my strength, I don't have it..."

And He did, He gave me that gift,
that fruit of self control from the Holy Spirit.

I didn't have any pizza, I had fruit here at the house...
just a small victory...

I've been literally feeding my flesh for 25 years with junk and its time to stop...this is about obedience and disobedience for me. I've been disobedient in my treatment of my body. Disobedient to Who, you might ask? Disobedient to God. I have not treated my body as the temple He tells me it is. I've desired to be obedient to Him but I've followed my flesh when it comes to food. I've given in for years without much of a fight, no fight really, just a numbing "Whatever you want flesh, eat it" kind of mentality.

I know that I'm going to have hard, want-to-give-in moments, but that's okay, that's what growing in Christ is all about. Its about being honest, having accountability to Him and to my sisters, and relying on His strength.


Taryn And The Turtle...An Unexpected Guest


You never know who's gonna show up at your front door...
this gal paid us a visit on Sunday afternoon...
she just walked up onto our porch and was very friendly...
we fed her a carrot, took some pictures and sent her on her way...
oh, and we took a picture of this turtle too.


I Made My Own Silver Medal Out Of Tin Foil

I don't know how much more I can take...

Will the Olympics ever end?

This is the first time that I have ever really shown
a good deal of interest in the Summer Games
and I'm becoming a groupie...not just a fan, a groupie...

It all started with Bob Costas and that amazing opening ceremony...

and then Michael Phelps got into the pool and from then on I couldn't keep from watching...from Michael Phelps (swimming, of course) to Missy Trainer & Kerri Walsh (beach volleyball), back over to Shawn Johnson (gymnastics), and now track & field with the Jamaican team...

I even watched table tennis yesterday morning,
yes I really watched two grown men play ping pong,
like it was the Super Bowl.
(When one of the guys missed the ball,
I actually said out loud, "ooh noo!")

I've teared up when the National Anthem has played,
booed when the runner from Great Britain arrogantly taunted
the other runners in his race with his baton,
said "No Way!" when the Chinese gymnast claimed to be 16,
and gasped when the German canoeist passed out and had to be water rescued...

And to top it all off, NBC shows
most of the good stuff after midnight.
(I'm naturally a night person, but even I need some sleep)

So I'm ready for Olympic tour bus to leave town
so I can get back to my normal routine...
the closing ceremony is this weekend
so I'll get to watch the last bit of athletic glory-stories,
and then I'll have London 2012 to look forward too...

Gotta go, I think marble-shooting is on next...


I Wonder If They Have A 12-Step Program For This?

My name is Deb and I am a gawker...

Mark and I drove around our rainswept town this morning,
telling each other we needed to go to the bank...
but it was really just an excuse.
I even took my camera...I am so ashamed...

We really wanted to see what had been happening
around town over night
as Tropical Storm Fay has been moving at a snail's pace
and we are starting to get cabin fever.
Yeah, that's it, cabin fever...

But if I really honest about it, I can see where, if I allow it,
this desire to look at fallen trees, swollen creeks,
and the like could lead me...

I'd start making my all vacation plans around weather systems,
becoming one of those storm chasers in Oklahoma,
or taking my surf board to the Atlantic
as the hurricane approached,
maybe you'd see me in a canoe, drifting down a flooded street...

or worse, I'd be the idiot behind the news reporter at the beach,
jumping up and down, waving at the camera as the wind blows me off my feet...

See, it could always worse...so you wanna look at my pictures?

across the street

down our road

our driveway


Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 6

A hurricane's a-comin! A hurricane's a-comin!
Well not really a hurricane...

So Tropical Storm Fay has finally made it to our front door
and has started introducing her family, rain and wind...

We kinda get excited around here when a storm is a brewin',
but then it gets old pretty quickly.
The news channels have been talking about her for about a week
and its felt like that feeling you get
when company is supposed to come for a visit,
but their plane keeps getting delayed...
hurry up already!

The lights have flickered a few times
and we already have a few branches down in the yard.
We've had squally rain,
(that's what the weather guy on channel 4 calls it)
and the winds have gone from breezy to a little gusty...
and its supposed to get worse tomorrow...

the power just went off again and back on...
thank goodness for draft autosave!!!

So we'll be hunkered down for the next couple of days,
eating all the junk food I bought at Winn Dixie,
Hayden has already got into the spaghetti-o's,
and then hopefully by Sunday,
Fay will be tired from her visit
and will start packing her bags to go home...

hey, did I just see her put my guest towels in her suitcase?


Life With Hayden: A Typical Tuesday Evening

I don't know what he was thinking...I'm just grateful it was a knee-high he decided to wear over his head and not underwear...


Kaitlin's Journey: A College God Story

We're home from taking our daughter to college...

I know thousands of parents do this every year,
but it was a first time experience for us...
And as usual when anything happens in our family,
I like to share some of what happened.

Kaitlin was absolutely miserable

the minute our vehicle hit the Virginia state line.
I can't sugar-coat it, she looked like death warmed over.

We got to the university campus around 5:00 p.m.
and she started crying...
We got her dorm room assignment and unpacked all her things,
and she continued crying...
We set her room up and met one of her roommates,
and she dried it up for awhile...

And then we left her there for the night,
and she started crying all over again...

The next day was filled with lots of :
standing in lines (crying)
filling out forms (crying)
going to orientation class (crying)

And so on that second afternoon,
Mark and I finally called out to the Lord for help.
We stopped trying to do it on our own strength
and turned to the One who knew exactly

what Kaitlin needed to hear...

And here's what happened...

shortly after we prayed together,
Kaitlin came out of her class, got into the car

and yes, started to cry...
her professor had asked her to stay after her very first class
because he was concerned about her...

this man had never laid eyes on her before that day
and yet he knew something was wrong.

He talked with her, and encouraged her.
As she told us what had transpired, she was pretty upset.
She said she felt like she had been trying to pull her emotions together, but now it was obvious that she hadn't yet been successful.

Her dad and I spoke more words of encouragement,
and Mark even gave her some conversation starters,
yes that's right...Mr. Quiet himself.

Shortly we dropped her off at the next scheduled event,

a freshman cookout, and to be honest,
she was even more miserable,
if that's possible, than before.

So when we were on the way to pick her up, after the cookout,

Mark and I both thought, "Well, we might just have to take her home if she's not any better."

And then she got into the car...with a smile!
My eyes are welling up as I write this...
The heartache and pain from a few hours before had vanished...
the tears and red nose were gone...

She had met some other girls

and had spent the entire cookout together.
She had made conversation. She had participated.
Kaitlin had turned to Him and He had strengthened her,
to step out and push herself forward.
And she did it...I've never been so proud of her.

She didn't stop talking to us about

what had happened the rest of the evening,
through dinner, at Target, on the ride back to her dorm.

I talked a few minutes ago to Kaitlin and told her

I was going to blog about what had happened
and she said to me,

"Well, just make sure you write that I'm not a crybaby anymore."

No you're not a crybaby, but you'll always be my baby!


Kaitlin's Journey: She's Ready, But Are We?

As our oldest daughter packs her new clothes, her laptop,
and all those dorm room necessities,
she leaves behind all those things
that were so important just a mere season ago,
her cap and gown, her yearbook, her senior pictures...

Change is hard but change is good.

We have repeated those words to her throughout the last 12 months, but now we find ourselves needing to repeat them to each other. Our focus has been on preparing her. But now its hours, instead of months, until the moment we pull out of our driveway and head north.

Change is hard but change is good.

And have we fully prepared for the change
that is moments away?
Do her sister and brother realize
how different our home will
be, feel, sound?
Can her dad and I truly know
the full impact
her absence will have on us?

Change is hard but change is good.

I'll keep repeating those words
even as she closes her dorm room door,
and we head back home.

I will praise the Lord, who counsels me;
even at night my heart instructs me.
I have set the Lord always before me.
Because he is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.
Psalm 16:7-8


Who Ate The Last Piece Of Cake?!?

I survived another "teeny-weeny-birthday"

After I turned 40 three years ago, I decided to have "teeny-weeny-birthdays". I didn't tell anyone, didn't make a big deal out of it, I just decided that from that birthday on, I would have "teeny-weeny-birthdays".

What is an "teeny-weeny-birthday"?

Well, the name...'teeny-weeny' came to mind because after a certain age, for me at least, the idea of some huge party with all that goes into one was just too much. No thanks. But I did decide to keep the word 'birthday' in there because I hear so many women say,
"I'm just not having any birthdays anymore"

And there are so many reasons to keep having birthdays...

First of all...

I like cake...my body can't function on August 6th each year if there ain't some frosting somewhere in my system by 9:00 a.m. Cans of Betty Crocker Cream Cheese frosting have been known to disappear from the pantry, only to reappear hours later, rolling empty across the kitchen floor like tumbleweed.

And my hubby and kids like me enough that they always get me a cake from Mrs. Mary (if you're not from Baker County you don't know what your missing) The cake can have any kind of design on it; flowers, hearts, sock puppets, I don't care what it looks like, just as long as its from Mary.

And I like birthday cards too.
You don't get birthday cards if you tell everyone you're not having anymore birthdays...
I like paper ones and I like electronic ones...

I like paper ones because some are beautifully handmade with love and creativity. Paper ones have hand-written words that are sometimes scribbled with a crayon or have beautiful pen strokes, with words of love and friendship that make me feel special.

I like electronic ones because sometimes, they're pretty funny. Or they have beautiful landscapes that actually move, or they play music. And I can watch them over and over again.

And sometimes you get a great book or a awesome cd,
or even flowers on your birthday...
or someone might even sing "Happy Birthday" to you...
you might miss out on all those wonderful things
if you don't celebrate a little.

So, I think I'll just keep on having "teeny-weeny-birthdays",
they seem to be working out just fine...


Taryn...Our Poor, Neglected Middle Child...At Least That's What She Tells Everyone

Kaitlin is our quiet child, Hayden is our outgoing child,
and Taryn is our strong-willed child...

When Taryn likes something, she likes it...
unmovable, unshakable, undeniable
When she dislikes something, same thing...

and that's how she is about her Jesus...
unmovable, unshakable, undeniable.

Her faith is displayed in many ways...

not with a raised voice
but with a strong one...

not by seeking to be the center of attention
but by being a willing servant,

not by trying to please everyone,
but by being honest with them

Taryn loves her Jesus...
with an unmovable, unshakable, undeniable kind of love.

oh and she likes to take pictures of herself...that one at the top is the latest


Knowing vs. Feeling

I changed the title and description of my blog the other day because it just seems to fit right now, someone with loose ends...

I tend to be very specific in describing myself, usually self-deprecating, but ultimately accurate. And when I question who I am and what I feel, the answers are always in opposition...

I know I'm a beloved child of the King
but sometimes
I feel like an abandoned orphan

I know I'm an cherished wife
but sometimes
I feel like he could have done so much better

I know I'm a loved mom
but sometimes
I feel like I've completely failed them

I know I'm a blessed friend
but sometimes
I feel like nobody likes me

My feelings lie to me sometimes... I know that they do. And it's up to me to corral those feelings and take them to the Lord in prayer and to His Word. Because that's where I find the Truth. He always tells me the truth. He is always honest. He is always faithful. He is always steadfast.


Life With Hayden: He Couldn't Have Picked Mouse Ears?

In keeping with the theme of weird pictures of Hayden (see the post called 'The Little Merman' for how this all started), I thought I would share a picture of our son as he walked around all day at a major theme park...of course with Hayden, this could also be the average day around the house. Doesn't matter, he has no fear...


So, this is what he spent his souvenir money on...
A plastic viking hat with blond braids.
Detachable horns included.

Honey, Can You Bring Out The Slide Projector? I Want To Show Our Guests Our Vacation Pictures!

Okay, okay so no one ever says they want to see my vacation pictures...just indulge me, I'll only show you a few...

Up first...this is a light fixture that was in our hotel room:

the light off...

the light on...how do they do that?

My view most of the day...

I always seem to end up behind everybody

and finally, the best picture I took all day:

Expedition Everest!
See I told you it wouldn't take long!

Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 5

We're home from Orlando...the epicenter of all things mouse...
and weird things were a happenin',
for instance...

I was actually called "Princess" this week.

I never go to the front desk of any hotel we stay at, I always sit and wait patiently in whatever vehicle we arrive in, usually our trusty ole mini-van...don't know why I never go in, I just don't.

But this trip I decided I wanted to go in and check out the lobby of the theme park hotel Mark's company had so graciously provided, and so I went in with Mark to the front desk...and that's where it happened...

As we were being asked all the pertinent information for our stay, like the birthdate of our housecat and the speed in which we traveled down I-4, our clerk turned to me and asked...

"And what is your name, Princess?"

Now being a 'almost' 43 year old woman, and this being a theme park that wants to create an 'experience' for its guests, I fully understand that this twentysomething gal certainly had not mistaken me for Diana, or Fergie for that matter. But when that question came out of her mouth, and the fact that she had said it with a straight face, I have to admit I was a little surprised.

I think I might have even giggled my response,
'teeheeteehee..."Debbie", teeheehee'
Where did that come from?
Did that really come out of this mouth? This mouth that only hours earlier had barked orders around the house like a drill sergeant?
Was that me, giggling?

I thought about my response later that day, and it occurred to me that I think every woman wants to be called a princess once in her life...my moment just happened to occur in the lobby of a hotel, as I was surrounded by crying 5 year olds and old men walking around in sandals with black socks.

A simple shopping story...

Her cart was dripping. The grocery cart she was pushing around the produce section of the big box store I had just entered was drippin...