I Made My Own Silver Medal Out Of Tin Foil

I don't know how much more I can take...

Will the Olympics ever end?

This is the first time that I have ever really shown
a good deal of interest in the Summer Games
and I'm becoming a groupie...not just a fan, a groupie...

It all started with Bob Costas and that amazing opening ceremony...

and then Michael Phelps got into the pool and from then on I couldn't keep from watching...from Michael Phelps (swimming, of course) to Missy Trainer & Kerri Walsh (beach volleyball), back over to Shawn Johnson (gymnastics), and now track & field with the Jamaican team...

I even watched table tennis yesterday morning,
yes I really watched two grown men play ping pong,
like it was the Super Bowl.
(When one of the guys missed the ball,
I actually said out loud, "ooh noo!")

I've teared up when the National Anthem has played,
booed when the runner from Great Britain arrogantly taunted
the other runners in his race with his baton,
said "No Way!" when the Chinese gymnast claimed to be 16,
and gasped when the German canoeist passed out and had to be water rescued...

And to top it all off, NBC shows
most of the good stuff after midnight.
(I'm naturally a night person, but even I need some sleep)

So I'm ready for Olympic tour bus to leave town
so I can get back to my normal routine...
the closing ceremony is this weekend
so I'll get to watch the last bit of athletic glory-stories,
and then I'll have London 2012 to look forward too...

Gotta go, I think marble-shooting is on next...


Deb...as always, I love your blogs! I think you, Barb, and myself should have a little bloggers club so that the two of you can teach me some things about blogging. I am so NOT computer savvy. How did you design your own blog page for instance? I've only had the chance to watch a little bit of the olympics...but Mike has watched enough for all of us.
By the way, thank you for calling and leaving a message to check on me during the storm. I had to work Thursday and got home before they closed the Fuller Warren for a short time.