I Wonder If They Have A 12-Step Program For This?

My name is Deb and I am a gawker...

Mark and I drove around our rainswept town this morning,
telling each other we needed to go to the bank...
but it was really just an excuse.
I even took my camera...I am so ashamed...

We really wanted to see what had been happening
around town over night
as Tropical Storm Fay has been moving at a snail's pace
and we are starting to get cabin fever.
Yeah, that's it, cabin fever...

But if I really honest about it, I can see where, if I allow it,
this desire to look at fallen trees, swollen creeks,
and the like could lead me...

I'd start making my all vacation plans around weather systems,
becoming one of those storm chasers in Oklahoma,
or taking my surf board to the Atlantic
as the hurricane approached,
maybe you'd see me in a canoe, drifting down a flooded street...

or worse, I'd be the idiot behind the news reporter at the beach,
jumping up and down, waving at the camera as the wind blows me off my feet...

See, it could always worse...so you wanna look at my pictures?

across the street

down our road

our driveway


Kaitlin Dryer said…
wow, those are some good pics! you should be a professional! I wish i was there, i love hurricane weather
From one gawker to another....I feel your pain and understand you very well. I made the excuse that I had to go to Richard's for fresh chicken...practically swam to his front door....but nonetheless, happy to be out of the house for a short time....