Knowing vs. Feeling

I changed the title and description of my blog the other day because it just seems to fit right now, someone with loose ends...

I tend to be very specific in describing myself, usually self-deprecating, but ultimately accurate. And when I question who I am and what I feel, the answers are always in opposition...

I know I'm a beloved child of the King
but sometimes
I feel like an abandoned orphan

I know I'm an cherished wife
but sometimes
I feel like he could have done so much better

I know I'm a loved mom
but sometimes
I feel like I've completely failed them

I know I'm a blessed friend
but sometimes
I feel like nobody likes me

My feelings lie to me sometimes... I know that they do. And it's up to me to corral those feelings and take them to the Lord in prayer and to His Word. Because that's where I find the Truth. He always tells me the truth. He is always honest. He is always faithful. He is always steadfast.

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"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Deb, I adore you! I love your blog and your honesty, because you hit on what most of us feel. The job of a wife/mother/friend/sister is never done.

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