Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 6

A hurricane's a-comin! A hurricane's a-comin!
Well not really a hurricane...

So Tropical Storm Fay has finally made it to our front door
and has started introducing her family, rain and wind...

We kinda get excited around here when a storm is a brewin',
but then it gets old pretty quickly.
The news channels have been talking about her for about a week
and its felt like that feeling you get
when company is supposed to come for a visit,
but their plane keeps getting delayed...
hurry up already!

The lights have flickered a few times
and we already have a few branches down in the yard.
We've had squally rain,
(that's what the weather guy on channel 4 calls it)
and the winds have gone from breezy to a little gusty...
and its supposed to get worse tomorrow...

the power just went off again and back on...
thank goodness for draft autosave!!!

So we'll be hunkered down for the next couple of days,
eating all the junk food I bought at Winn Dixie,
Hayden has already got into the spaghetti-o's,
and then hopefully by Sunday,
Fay will be tired from her visit
and will start packing her bags to go home...

hey, did I just see her put my guest towels in her suitcase?

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