Kaitlin's Journey: She's Ready, But Are We?

As our oldest daughter packs her new clothes, her laptop,
and all those dorm room necessities,
she leaves behind all those things
that were so important just a mere season ago,
her cap and gown, her yearbook, her senior pictures...

Change is hard but change is good.

We have repeated those words to her throughout the last 12 months, but now we find ourselves needing to repeat them to each other. Our focus has been on preparing her. But now its hours, instead of months, until the moment we pull out of our driveway and head north.

Change is hard but change is good.

And have we fully prepared for the change
that is moments away?
Do her sister and brother realize
how different our home will
be, feel, sound?
Can her dad and I truly know
the full impact
her absence will have on us?

Change is hard but change is good.

I'll keep repeating those words
even as she closes her dorm room door,
and we head back home.

I will praise the Lord, who counsels me;
even at night my heart instructs me.
I have set the Lord always before me.
Because he is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.
Psalm 16:7-8


Barb said...

I'm crying...tears running down my cheeks repeating those same words Deb..."change is hard, change is good." I KNOW it and I BELIEVE it but now, we've got to live out what we say we believe. My heart aches at the thought of what you are going through. I shall never forget pulling away from Summer as we left her at Liberty. I can see her in my mind now...waving, trying to smile for us, looking so small and helpless. And us, driving away and crying so hard that I had to change places with Darrel and drive as he just could not do it he was crying so hard. Sad, but true. You WILL get through it together and Kaitlin will be the better, stronger woman because of it.
Call me day or night and we'll encourage AND cry together as I know firsthand how you are feeling. I love you Deb and I love my precious Kaitlin.

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Deb...I'm thinking about you today...I know this is tough for you and Mark...I remember like yesterday...I took Shanna to her dorm room and helped her put together her furniture, trying to act tough the whole time. I could tell she had mixed feelings about me being there, on one hand she wanted to know her roommates and learn to be an adult and on the other hand, she wanted to be a child and was so scared of the unknown. My prayers are with you today as this new stage in all of your lives begins. I have not yet called you, knew you would be busy with all the arrangements of transporting, packing, loving, hugging, etc....but I am here and will talk with you later....I love you, please call me if you need me....

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