It Finally Happened

Mark and I are now officially an "old married couple"

As we drove home, I thought about some events that had occurred tonight, that at the time I didn't think twice about. But in the quietness of the drive home, it came to me...

We ate dinner before 6:00 p.m.
We sat in the car and waited on each other to come out our respective stores
(me: Michaels, him: Lowe's)
When we did go into a store together,
at some point he actually carried my purse for me.
And then he found a bench to sit on as he waited.
We listened to a high school football game on the radio,
instead of music. We got home before 9:30 p.m.
And I immediately changed into the pink duster.

When did this happen? When did we become our parents?
Where was I when this happened? Where was Mark?
What happened to that late-nighting, corvette-driving, skinny-jeans wearing, cute couple?

When did they turn into that early-eating, mini-van driving, plus-size jean wearing, not-as-cute-as-they-used-to-be couple with three teenagers?

oh well, it was fun while it lasted...


hey Mark! where'd you put my purse?


Mike said "WOW".....Oh no, we are this couple too, my man's black mustache has been replaced by a course salt and pepper mustache and I have gained a "middle section" that I didn't have 20+ years ago....BUT that said, I wouldn't trade the security that I have now for the world....loved, loved, loved this post! Detest this silly word verification that we have to do in order to post a comment (I usually get it wrong)
debseveryday said…
I absolutely agree--I wouldn't change a thing!
Michele said…
well, I guess that Joe & I haven't reached that stage in our lives yet, we went out to dinner at 5:30 and then to the movie (FIREPROOF)at 7 pm, which by the way was amazing!, and then to a quaint little coffee shop until about 10. Wow, we had an awesome date night...but even though you did things like your parents, I know that you had a very lovely evening with your husband and no children....did I mention, no children? Love ya always make me smile...Keep it up!