Life With Hayden: The Grizzly Adams Episode

my son has a hatchet in his hand,
and a don't-mess-with-me look on his sweet face...

What I think Hayden was thinking:
"I get to throw a hatchet, just like that Highlander guy,
this is gonna be so cool!"

What I was thinking:
maybe he'll only cut off a toe,
I can deal with a missing toe,
anything else and I'm gonna need professional help...

Hayden: steady...steady
Mom: how close is that thing to his head?!?!

Hayden: ready to release...
Mom: for heaven's sake, let go of it already,
so I can tell 911 exactly what part of you you've cut off!

Hayden: I did it! Cool! I wonder if I can do it again?
Mom: He did it! Cool! I wonder how much I have to pay him not to do it again?

Hayden: why is mom taking a picture of my feet?
Mom: everybody still there?
Whew...thank goodness, no trip to the ER today...

1 comment:

kaitlin}i{ said...

that was a great day, and thats so hayden!!!! remember the hagus, yuck :)! love you!

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