Kaitlin's Journey: She's Home!

It is really interesting when your 18 year old child comes home for their first visit since going off to school...

I'll admit that I was worried she might feel uncomfortable...maybe a little uneasy coming home...seeing some changes, maybe not as many as she thought there might be, but still, some small changes. But she has done well with those small changes. So I have great hope for how she'll handle the big ones.

And the Lord has been so good to her...providing those people in her life that just lit up when they saw her this week. True and valuable relationships that inspire her, teach her, comfort her, and are just plain fun. Seeing her mentors love on her, talk with her, and encourage her. And she being able to share with them how she's grown and changed, what she's learned in just a few short weeks.

Life is about change. The good, the bad, the hard, and the easy.


Barb said…
Oh, how "good" to see our Kaitlin!! My heart leapt as I saw her lovely face and truly, I felt so mushy inside! Her smile, her eyes, everything about her brought me such joy.
It has been my personal privilege and honor to know and love Kaitlin. She will always remain extremely special to me and to many others, I know.
I pray that the lessons she is learning will be ones she will carry throughout her life with her and I also pray that any good thing she has seen in me, she realizes that is only comes from the Father above.
I pray her journey home is safe and peaceful and that the lessons she is learning will continue to mold and shape her more into the image of Christ. We will miss you Kaitlin but soon, you will be home again and we can't wait. Until then, Godspeed our dear Kaitlin.