Life With Hayden: The Glamorous Life

Hayden is one of those leading men who is comfortable in any social situation...he doesn't let his international status as a super star effect his "every day" we see in this photo by one of the hundreds of paparazzi that continually follow him. Caught exiting a local hot spot known as "The Winn Dixie", we catch a glimpse of Hayden in one of his most stylish moments. Notice the attention to detail that comes only from the most fashion-forward stars...who else has the confidence to wear Day-Glo Orange Ray-Bans... Brad Pitt? George Clooney? No, when it comes to style and sophistication, no one comes close to our young Mr. H. As we watch Hayden disappear into his awaiting mini-van, we can be confident that come this spring, those sunglasses will be the hottest accessory in town.


Barb said…
If only more kids in this world had the zest, the confidence, the love of life and the self-assurance in themselves and who God made them to be, to be like Hayden! He cracks me up and was actually said to be "the funniest kid in our youth group" as of our SS class yesterday! Hayden rocks and I'm so grateful for who he is.
By the way, where can I buy some of those sunglasses!!!???