Life With Hayden: Guess What Came In The Mail Today

When Mark and I got married, we felt that there was a chance that our future children might be tall. We just had a feeling...can't really explain why we felt this way, just one of those things you have an instinct about...

and then there are the wedding photos.

Our beautiful wedding photos, those showing Mark's family, sitting on the groom's side of the church, smiling and wearing their Sunday best. And as you look at the photos of the people sitting on my side of the church, and your eyes go to and fro, you begin to notice something...Mark's peeps are TALL.

Even sitting down they're tall.

To start, Mark is 6'4. His older brother Michael? Ditto. Two of their cousins, 6'7 and 6'8. And it's not just a guy thing. No, even the girls. Mark's mother? 5'11. Mark's aunt? 6 even.

And to top things off, I'm no pixie...5'10, barefooted.

So we knew that the kids would be tall. And we've not been disappointed...Kaitlin is 5'10, Taryn is 5'11, and Hayden at 14, is already 6'1.

So what's this got to do with what came in the mail today? Well, as a tall person, you normally have big feet, just a fact of life that you learn to live with. But when your a teenage boy, and you need a new pair of shoes for school, things can get tricky. In August, Hayden and I spent about 3 hours, going store to store in the mall, searching for a pair of Chuck Taylor's. He likes those shoes and I wanted to get him a pair to start off the new school year. But we had absolutely no luck finding his size at the mall...oh, what size were we looking for?

That would be a 14. He wears the same size shoe as his age.

So we have to order his shoes online and his newest pair came today...

Hayden took this picture for me and it was his idea to put the yard stick next to his new shoes...yes, I said yard stick, a ruler isn't long enough. Measuring over 14 inches, Hayden thinks his new maroon Chucks are pretty cool...me too

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Barb said...

Hayden...I LOVE your shoes! They are too cool....like you!

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