Life With Hayden: Photoshoot + Hayden = A Chance To Try Out His Stand-Up Routine

We decided to have a few family pictures taken at a local park over the Christmas holidays and I got the proofs back a few days ago. And I noticed a theme running through most of the unedited photos...Hayden and his knack for being the center of attention...for example...

His dad and I were laughing at some comment he made,
I can't remember what he said,
but I do recall saying right after the photo was taken...
"Stop goofing around, son"
Notice his sisters...
Kaitlin is looking at him, thinking,
"I can't wait to go back to school, he's driving me nuts!"
and his co-conspirator, Taryn,
whispering in his ear, egging him on.

Just another Saturday morning in late December.


Jenn said…
Hayden's such a great guy. Sometimes I catch the middle school girls talking about him and I have to tell them that he's not an ordinary guy, that's he's special, and that they should keep that in mind when they giggle over him.
Jenn said…
Oh yeah and he called me the other day just to ask me if i wanted to come over and play the dark game. lol. I was like, "aww that's so sweet."