Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 11

Weird things about my family...the name edition...

1. Back in our hometown, there is an entire neighborhood named after Mark's family...his mother, his aunts, his grandmother, and the towns they're from in Michigan. About 8 or 9 streets in total. And the weird thing? My grandparents house was on Georgiana Street, the street named after Mark's grandmother. And I lived there for 5 years before I met him.
Ooohh, weird huh?

2. When I was a kid, a teenage girl in our neighborhood found a ID bracelet at the beach one day. It turned out to be my cousin's bracelet. And the girl and my cousin had the same last name. That was how she knew it was my cousin's bracelet. My mother had mentioned to the girl a few years before that she had a niece with the same last name. Weird, but true...(Stephanie, that was your mom's bracelet!)

3. About 16 family members on Mark's side have the same middle initial, "D". We have 4 "Dale's", 4 "Douglas", and the rest...Duane, David, Donald, Dryer, Davis, Danielle, Davin. And we even have a "Dixielee".

4. All three of my kids first names end with the "n" sound...Kaitlin, Taryn, Hayden...and we didn't do it on purpose...

(we're not that creative)

5. I have two maiden names...my biological maiden name and my adopted maiden name. Gets confusing on applications.

6. One of my maiden name's is also a part of a fish (I can't believe I'm writing this...my maiden name was Finn) ...not only weird but embarrassing...

7. When Kaitlin was born, the nurse misunderstood Mark when he said her name, missing her first name and only hearing her middle, she said, "You named your baby after an appliance?"
(Her middle name is Dryer, my mother-in-law's maiden name)

8. My mother's middle name is Zella. Enough said.

9. My great aunt's name was Sabra. Too much said.

10. and finally, my father's middle name was Lee. A very common name for those brought up in the South. Nothing weird about that. My grandmother was reading a book about the Civil War when she went into labor with my father, so she gave him the middle name, Lee, after the great Southern general, Robert E. Lee. Only thing was, my father was born in Canada, my grandmother was from New Hampshire and my grandfather was Jewish and named Abraham.

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"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

I had an ancestor named "Clarkie Mae" and a grandmother named "Sally", I'm thankful I was named after my maternal grandmother "Susan"

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