Put A Fork In Me--I'm Done

I've been in an egg nog fog this holiday season.

I've made excuse after excuse to eat whatever and whenever I wanted the past few weeks. But the calendar says 2009 and I can see Monday from here and the self-appointed start of "eating better".

I actually thought earlier today, "What else can I eat before Monday?" and "I wonder what the white chocolate baking squares in the pantry taste like?"

...unfortunately I know now, they taste like white chocolate....sorta

As far as exercising, I don't think I'm going to walk around our neighborhood for a week or two...I don't want my neighbors to think, "there she goes again, another new year resolution...I wonder how long she'll last this year?" and "does she EVER get out in the sun?"

I could always join the Y or a local gym, but last time I did that, I didn't go for about 4 months, but I didn't cancel the membership...that's right, I let the gym take money out our checking account for about 4 months because I didn't want to face the lady at the counter. But one afternoon, after circling the gym parking lot half a dozen times, I finally went it and said to the lady, "I-I-I need to cancel my membership, heh, heh, sorry". And she said to me, "I was afraid you were going to do that. On the fourth time I saw your car drive by, I figured that's what was coming."

My bathroom scale is really dusty but I think I might leave it like that until at least early next week...I can't really see what the exact number is so it might encourage me a little. I'll get the Windex out later and then face reality.

all for now...think I'll check out the pantry and find out what unsweetened cocoa powder tastes like...

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Jenn said...

Ms. Debbie, you're so funny! I would argue you are an excellent blog writer. You always end well. Not like, "Uh, okay, so I'm done."

And thanks for your offer of supplies! I might check out your stash. I made some for Tara (Shayne's girlfriend) for her housewarming and they came out really good. I was like, "Wow, yeah, this is sooooo fun!"

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