God of the Ages

I don't usually post videos but I watched this one yesterday and after I stopped crying, I knew I had to share it. The anointing of the Lord is mighty upon this song. And our family is blessed that Kaitlin gets to be a part of this anointing. Kaitlin is taking a worship class this semester and as part of the class, she is participating in the church choir at Thomas Road Baptist Church. This church is the birth place of Liberty University, where Kaitlin attends college. She's never sung in a church choir and so she was really apprehensive about it. But she loves it now...and if you watch this video, you'll see why!


Kaitlin said…

this is from friday night, im in that choir!!!!!!! :D
Barb said…
Oh Deb....I wept when I heard this song and gave glory to the "God of the Ages" as I sang and worshipped along with them. THIS is magnificent! I also watched the one our KAITLIN is in! I'm so proud of her taking these leaps of faith and getting involved.
This is beautiful and I am so excited that our very own little Kaitlin will get to be a part of this! Wow! How powerful and how talented this young man (Travis) is that wrote this song!
Lynn Stevens said…
Wow! Wow! what can one say after hearing that. There is something about His Name and giving honor and glory to God. There is power, power to lift us above our circumstances, to pull us out of the pit, the power to save.
This worhip song does for me what "Sweetly Broken" does for me. When I play "Sweetly Broken" and the line which says; "at the cross you beckon me, You draw me gently to my knees, and I am lost for words, so lost in love, I'm sweetly broken, wholly surrendered" it causes me to fall on my face and weep before God -- it is so true I am at a loss for words as they seem inadequate to express what I feel. This song that Travis wrote has the same power to cause us to fall on our faces if we will but humble ourselves and respond. You will be amazed at what God does in you!!