Life With Hayden: I'm Calling CSI

Got a call from school around lunchtime...seems Hayden's become the victim of a crime...a crime of fashion if you will...

His school clothes were stolen out of his gym locker.

What did they get? A new pair of jeans (from Santa at Christmas, Santa found some great deals at Kohl's) and a t-shirt from his favorite store...

the thrift store.

I think he paid 95 cents (+ tax) for the t-shirt that was stolen.

The boy loves, loves, loves thrift stores. I took him on Saturday morning to a large thrift store in town and he found a Izod cardigan for 3.95, then got to the register and it was half off. Granted it's the same kind of cardigan men in the 70's and 80's wear, but Hayden doesn't care, he knows what he likes. He also purchased a winter crew neck sweater, which he won't be able to wear but 3 times a year (we live in Florida). He got it for 2 bucks. He likes it when he gets a deal...

But this morning, with his size 15 maroon Chuck Taylor's, his almost new jeans, his thrift store t-shirt (which had on it, "Gene's Seafood Cafe -- Key Largo, FL" with a big marlin on the back) and his $1.98 cardigan, he left the house, not knowing his beloved t-shirt would be soon be in the hands of someone who apparently needs a visit to the woodshed (and/or the local jail).

So I'm off to take another pair of jeans and another thrift store t-shirt to school so he doesn't have to walk around in his gym shorts...maybe next Saturday we'll go back to the thrift store so he can look never know what he'll find.