His Grace Is Sufficient

Last night, our ladies at church finished up the latest Bible study from Lifeway, featuring Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore and Kay Arthur. A study of David called "Anointed Transformed Redeemed"

My sister friend Barb H. wrote on her blog the other day about leaving a legacy...and although she'll probably never know the whole story, Kay Arthur has left a legacy for me. She is, as our pastor taught Sunday, "the real deal". Someone who is, as Barb wrote in her blog, "a lover of Jesus and a lover of truth."

In early 1994, I was invited by my sister friend, Barb T. to a Bible study at her church. At the time, I was a "sahm" with a 4 year old, a 18 month old and I was one month away from delivering my third baby. And believe me, I tried to think of every possible excuse not to join, but every time I went to tell Barb "no way" He had other plans. So in February of 1994 I began my very first ladies Bible study.

The book was called "Lord, I Need Grace To Make It" by Kay Arthur and our leader was a older lady named Cindy (she was probably as old as I am now...ugh). We met on Tuesday mornings, for a video and homework discussion, plus a worksheet. Trust me, these ladies didn't mess around, you made sure you got your homework done each week.

And the Lord used that study in my life as a conduit to Him. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, the first week of the study, while I was doing the homework for that week in my bedroom.

So this recent study has been a kind of homecoming of sorts for me...through the years I've done other studies by Kay, heard her speak at a conference, and even got shake her hand once and tell her quickly what her studies had meant to me in my spiritual journey. But that's been awhile ago.

Hearing her voice, listening to her teachings, working on the homework assignments, seeing her on video again was a homecoming. And like most homecomings, memories flooded back to me these past 6 weeks.

So tonight I went to our bookcase and pulled down my very first Bible study book... and just like a yearbook, there were dates, notes, scribbles (somehow one of the girls got a hold of my yellow highlighter). So I thought I'd take a couple of bad photos (just like most yearbooks I've ever had) and share them...

So a month before my baby boy was born, almost 15 years ago...
another legacy was birthed.

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