The Simplification Of My Life

That's the word that has been twirling around in my noggin for about a year...


And I've been wondering...

what that could mean for my life?
how might it manifest itself in my everyday life?
what would my daily walk look like?

Am I a materialistic person?
Do I desire more and more things?
What possessions are really important to me?

A smaller house?
A smaller car?
A smaller world?

We've taken some steps the last year and a half to simplify things around here...we've sold 3 vehicles, a cargo trailer, and our camper...but those things really didn't hurt to get rid of, they didn't cost me anything, I wasn't emotionally attached to them and I haven't missed them since they've found new owners.

But now its in MY is about to affect MY possessions...

my corner of the bedroom devoted craft supplies. I have alot of them. Too many of them. So many if fact that some haven't even made it out of the bag they came home in.

But I've decided that this can't be their home anymore...I'm kicking them out of the nest, showing them the door, buying them a one way ticket out of here...

I'm selling my craft supplies...all of them...the scrapbook stuff, the stamping stuff, the card-making stuff, the list could go on and on...I'm not keeping anything I've not used in a month...which means I'm only keeping my crochet hooks, patterns and yarn. The rest goes...even the containers where the supplies are stored.

So I'll let you know how my craft sale goes...who knows what might be next?