Declare His Glory Among The Nations...

We put our two daughters on our church bus at 5:00 a.m. this morning to travel down to Miami, where they caught a flight on TACA (the official airline of Central America) to Honduras. There they will be serving and ministering to women, youth, and children for about 2 weeks.

As a church family, the Lord has blessed us with 17 trips this year alone to Honduras. We have 16 acres in El Cerron on which we have completed a dorm that sleeps 40, with a home to be built in the next few months for our missionary family. Our precious family is George and Kara Maddox, who along with their almost 2 year old son Elias, left this morning along with our youth.

As I think about what I was doing when I was 16 and 19, the thought of leaving home for 2 weeks, to go on a mission trip never entered my swiss cheese brain. No, I had other things on my mind.

I was consumed with a boy, I was consumed with my friends, I was consumed with having as much fun as possible and I was consumed with being the life of the party...

I was consumed with myself.

So, as our girls waved goodbye this morning from the church bus, I'm so grateful that at 16 and 19, our girls are consumed with Christ...

Consumed with serving Him, consumed with knowing Him, consumed with glorifying Him.

And as I watched a Papa hop onto the church bus this morning, moments before it was to pull away, to get one last kiss from his 2 year old grandson, I'm so grateful for this young family, grateful for their willingness to go where He is asking them, grateful for their obedience and servanthood, grateful for the example they are setting for our church family and youth, grateful to be able to call them family.

If you would like to follow the Maddox family, please go to their blog:

And please remember to pray for the Maddox family and our youth, as they serve in the country of Honduras.


Barb said…
Deb, good to see you posting again! I too wrote about Kara and George the other day and posted theie blog addresses on my blog. I, like you, want as many people as possible to know about what they are doing and how this wonderful couple is serving Christ with their whole hearts. I also know what you mean when you speak of Taryn & Kaitlin. I had no more clue of serving Christ at that age than a frog in a pond. I was selfish and served only myself. Isn't it amazingly crazy to be a part of a church AND to have young people right there in your own home who WANT to serve the Lord at their young ages? We are so blessed, so fortunate to be in the midst of so many young people who care about serving others for the sake of the call. God has been good to us and He is calling us to serve Him on a higher plain. Kara, George & Elias in the hands of God and therefore, we know He will take good care of them for us all. I miss them so much, as do all of the Johnsons and us, but God is faithful. May God bless our youth and the Maddox family as they minister Jesus to Honduras.