If I Start Quoting Regis, Just Shoot Me

I can't believe I'm about to quote Kathie Lee Gifford, but here goes...

"We make gods out of celebrities. Celebrities are not made to worship and adore. Fame can kill you."

I'm not a "fan" of Kathie Lee Gifford's, I was home this morning, channel surfing, and I came upon her and another woman on the Today show. And when she spoke those words, I reached for a pen to write them down. Trust me, I've never quoted a celebrity. But what she said is true. We've made celebrities our gods.

Instead of wanting to be like Jesus, we want to be like "insert celebrity name here".

Michael Jackson was one of the soundtracks of my youth. Countless hours spent watching him on MTV, listening to him in the car, and playing "Off The Wall" endlessly.

But he was a troubled, flawed, sinful man who died yesterday, and very likely, he died not knowing the true King. And yet he is a god to millions.

In my devotion this morning, Kay Arthur reminded me of this scripture, and to consider... who sets the standard for the day? who am I devoted too? what do I want to imitate?

"I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ"
(2 Corinthians 11:3)"
Our culture has allowed itself to be led astray by the enemy in our devotion to Christ. Our culture is devoted to what feels good, tastes good, looks good, smells good. We are ruled by our lusts, our pride, our greed, our desires.
And so I ask myself...to whom am I devoted? what gods have I created? who do I imitate?


Barb said...

Gosh Deb, I thought along the same lines yesterday when we heard of his death. It's so pathetically sad isn't it....that milions worshiped him and yet never graced the doors of a church or even care about the name of King Jesus. So many worship false idols and it's heartbreaking. Thank you Jesus that we know HIM, the ONLY one worth worshiping.

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

Deb...so true. What a sad and tormented individual MJ was....I was saddened when I heard the news, I grew up watching Jackson 5 and The Osmonds....his life could have been so different. Just as sad was Farah Fawcett's story...yet the world continues to push forward in the name of success, popularity, etc....instead of what really matters...

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