Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 14

I have a physical scheduled for next month so that means I have about six weeks to lose 93 pounds...I have a feeling its not gonna happen...especially since for lunch today, I had a plate of nachos (I did wash it down with a Slimfast shake but I don't think that helped)

Mark's finally showed me his chainsaw massacre... yup, he should have gotten stitches

I blogged recently about my brown thumb (its black really) and so to compensate for my planticidal tendencies, I've become addicted to Farm Town on Facebook...you have your own little farm with crops and livestock...unfortunately the curse of my thumb has followed me into cyberagriculture...my little farm has experienced famine and hoof & mouth disease all in the same week.

Everyone I know is either at the lake, the beach, the pond, the springs, the creek, the swamp...this weekend I'm going to the stream (lucky for me its located only 14 steps away from my front door)

Seven and a half minutes after school let out for the summer, Hayden said the following...
"I'm bored."

My friend Mary and I were at a bridal shower recently where we were asked to write out a tidbit of advice for the new bride...here's what I wrote...

"When your husband asks you what you want for Christmas, never say "whatever you pick out will be wonderful!"...you might end with a pizza pan."

My gift from Mark, December 1989. That year I also received a colander for our anniversary.

One of my daughters thinks the new Mr. Spock is cute...its been that kind of a week around here so far...


Taryn said…
Actually Mr spock is super cute!
I agree that you must be specific when asked what you want as a gift from your husband. I got a rifle for my birthday one year! I told Al he was getting a dress when his birthday came around :) WOW!