What?!? Another Giveaway?!?

***************We Have A Winner!!!**************



(Woot Woot!)

I'll get your bag o' goodies to you asap!

A couple of weeks ago I had a family movie night giveaway (we try do this weekly tradition around our homestead on Fridays or Saturdays) and so in the continued spirit of family nights, I wanted to have another giveaway, the Family Game Night!

I ran across these boxed games the other day and was instantly timewarped back to 1973...they are the "Retro" (code for "Old") versions of Monopoly and Sorry...

yes, back in the dark ages we had board games, and surprisely, they didn't need batteries back then...although we weren't very high tech...our Monopoly game box lid was taped together with masting tape and when we lost the iron and shoe, we replaced them with a piece of dry macaroni and a button (no one ever wanted to be the iron or shoe anyways).

Plus we've thrown in a bag of Twizzlers (you can't have family game night without candy...just be careful with Twizzlers, Taryn has been known to use them as a weapon)

So here's the giveaway...

(1) Monopoly Retro Version Game

(1) Sorry Retro Version Game

(1) 16 oz bag of Strawberry Twizzlers

Here's what you need to do... leave a comment to the question, just one comment per person please (and if you leave a potty mouth comment a.k.a. leave a comment that is inappropriate, it'll get deleted--) and when time's up, I'll roll some dice and what ever number they land on...no, wait...we lost our Monopoly dice too...I guess I'll just pick a number out of a hat...anyway...

The giveaway ends Monday, June 15th at 5:00 p.m. Eastern
and the question you need to comment on?
"If a train leaves the station at 4:15 p.m. at 63 m.p.h..."
no way...
naw, just leave a comment to the question below...
"what is your favorite way to spend time with your family?"
so hurry and get your comment in before time is up...
I need to go and find another piece of macaroni,
Daisy ate the last one.


Anonymous said…
Funny you should have game night...That is exactly what we do when family gets together. We play Sequence mostly and when we have more than 6 people we split out and play Uno. Of course there has to be pop corn, some type of dessert and iced tea. After all, you need nourishment while using your brain to WIN!
Anonymous said…
My favorite way to spend time with family is camping. As a child, my grandparents would head up the family in a caravan down to Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine and til this day its still one of my favorite things to do. Whether the sun is shining or an afternoon shower has come your way, camping is still enjoyable. Inclement weather usually allows no satelite reception for a TV (which I have in my camper), so you are able to get back to old fashioned fun like board games or a deck of cards....which is exactly what I thought of when I read your blog. I also like relaxing under the awning on a brisk morning with a cup of coffee and my honey before the little one wakes up. Theses times are priceless. Such fellowship is good for the soul...I don't care who you are. Whether we are piled up in the camper, out on the water or under the awning swatting at mosquitoes (because lets remember we live in Florida) spending time together is essential. Posted by Amanda Wiggins
Barb said…
Since our family has grown so much and involves lots of grandkids of all ages, just being together is precious to us. I love it when we gather together to eat and then "play" afterwards. Playing usually involves whatever it is that the kids want us to do! That could involve absolutely anything from playing basketball, coloring, looking for wild animals in the woods, catching lizards/frogs, etc. etc. etc. When we are all together it doesn't really matter what we do, it's that we're with one another. We do love playing Cranium and Catch Phrase with the adults, IF we can keep the little ones occupied long enough to do so! My favorite way to spend time with my family????? Just be in their presence....that's my answer!
Sherry said…
Ours of course is working...not. Just to spend an afternoon with my husband and kids is wonderful. With no worries about what needs to be done. If we have the chance to watch a good movie, go riding together (in a vehicle that still works), or fishing that makes it special because soon these times will be gone and we will have our memories. Just to spend the day surronded by our kids is special and the Lord as blessed us with this.
Mary said…
Anytime that we end up on the porch watching the kids play while the rest of us talk is always a good time. I think that it is the little things that make great memories!
Lynn Stevens said…
Eat! of course. All family get-togethers involve food. We like to play Phase 10. There is always a lot of loud talking, laughing, and yelling kids because when we get together there are 23 of us.
It's so funny that you would talk about this, because we just had a family fun night playing Monopoly last week, and it was the best time! Just spending time with each other and making those moments count means the most to me. I am so thankful for the family that God has given me and want to make the most of the time we have together before they are all grown up. :)
Hi Deb,
Just stumbled across your blog today, and I know your give-away is over, but I wanted to leave a comment anyway.
You had me smiling as I read this post. Lots of fun Monopoly memories for me. *grin* (BTW, I liked being the iron!)
We do movie night on Friday's, too. And my daughter just picked up Clue at a garage sale. We're having fun with it.
I enjoyed meeting you. Thanks for the smiles!

Loving Jesus,