'America Has No More Stars, Now We Call Them Idols' Kirk Franklin

I'm reading two books right now about idols (don't be impressed that I'm reading two books at once, I have to use the edge of an index card and put it underneath each sentence I'm reading in order to focus...and then I still have to go back and read it again)


Our pastor just finished up a series on the 10 Commandments, or the 10 sayings of God as they are also known, and the commandment that has really hit home for me is the first, from Exodus 20:3...'You shall have no other gods before me.'

And since Brother Johnny preached on that commandment, and with these books I'm reading, I've been thinking about all the people, things, places, events, emotions, ministries, holidays I've made into other gods or idols...and the scary part is that most of the things on this list are good things, happy times, joyful experiences.

And to anyone looking at my life, you can't really see my idol-making...

there's been no backyard altar built,
or lit candles and incense around a shrine,
I haven't been chanting 4 times a day...

But I've made some of these people, places and things idols none the less...I've made them idols in my mind. And in my heart.

So now as I begin to break down the altars and blow out the candles of my internal idols, I'm thankful for His grace and mercy, and for pastors that preach the truth boldly, and that the scales are once again slowly falling away.


AngelRhoden said...

Debbie, I've had to come down from the "high places" myself. I am so thankful for His grace and especially mercy, too!

Barb said...

IDOLS...they are EVERYWHERE in our lives and the trouble is that we allow them to slowly creep in, almost unaware. So many things in our lives can become an idol, you are so very right. Great reminder Deb. I love you.