Anyone For Another Piece Of Pumpkin Pie?

I need help.

Every September I do this and it just gets worse every year...I thought I had it licked this year but then one of my kids pushed me off the wagon today.

My problem?

I'm addicted to autumn.

I could kinda tell I was weakening last week when I bought $58 worth of plastic pumpkins at the dollar store, but when I talked myself out of buying a new pair of matching 6 foot Mr. & Mrs. Scarecrows I was sure all was good...

but then this happened today...

Kaitlin called home this afternoon to let me know that she had to wear a jacket this morning on her way to class.

That one phone call threw me off the wagon and into the ditch.

Now granted, Kaitlin spends the majority of the year in western Virginia, with its glorious four seasons and I spend the majority of the year living here on the surface of the sun. And as an added plus, where I live we have a humidity level that almost equals the Amazon rainforest. So I am well aware of the differences in our climates. Nevertheless, my brain functions in the following manner:

We both live in the United States, therefore if Kaitlin is having autumn-like weather, so am I.
Makes perfect sense right?
So out came the cinnamon/pumpkin/cider/whatever scented candle I've been storing for the last 10 months. Out came the yellow/orange/red leaf wreath from underneath the cabinet. Out came the old Mr. & Mrs. Scarecrow couple from the rafters in the garage. I think this year is their 12th anniversary, they're a sweet couple.
I need help.


Unknown said...

hahaha! this made me laugh! sorry i threw you off the wagon! love you!

Barb said...

NO YOU DON"T NEED HELP!!!! I love this and it's part of who YOU are and so, I love that you're that way! I remember in the office how much "stuff" you drug out when autumn rolled along. I love this about you Deb, don't you change a thing! Hey....are there any of those pumpkins left at the dollar store???? :)

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