Kaitlin's Journey: What A Difference A Year Makes

Last year when we drove our oldest daughter to college (10 hours away from home), at one point during our time on campus, we had to literally call out to friends for prayer. We got one of our closest friends, Mike, on the phone and together we prayed. We needed that prayer because we didn't know if we were going to be able to leave her at school...she was distraught. She couldn't stop crying. But the Lord strengthened us and shortly we were on the road home with Kaitlin safely tucked away in her dorm room...

fast forward a year...

Tonight as I write this post we are staying at the same hotel as last year, same trip to Target for all those "essentials" (like poptarts) that we forgot to bring with us, same lines at the bookstore, same girls on the dorm floor, same little red Saturn car stuffed to the gills with clothes and books...

but we brought with us a different girl.

No longer a weeping, scared, high school graduate. Now a young woman, a little sad to be leaving home, but excited about the new semester. Someone who instead of clinging to us, lets go and runs to embrace a old friend in "the hall". Someone who couldn't see past her tears, but now sees clearly the opportunities that await her.

The changes in Kaitlin's life are another example of His Grace. The evidence of santification. How He used something in her life that was painful and scary to bring her a step or two closer to Him. That's how He works. It was a really hard lesson, one she's not completely done learning, but one we all needed to learn.


Barb said…
Ok...I'm crying Deb. Gosh, our Kaitlin has grown into such a lovely young woman of God. The growth in her amazing and the maturity incredible. As she stood before us directing us in the choir last Sunday I could hardly contain myself. I'm so proud of her, so proud of her. She's come such a long way and to see what God has accomplished is a testament to His grace and mercy. Thank you God for your grace and thank you God for Kaitlin, whom we all love so much. HURRY HOME....I MISS YOU!
Hi There & Good Morning Stevens Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been checking every day, a few times a day to see how she did this time. I had suspected that you might not have to be so comforting this go round. She is such a precious young lady but you already know that. But then again, I think all your offspring are precious. :-) I am so proud of the stevens gang I could burst!!!!
Glad you are all good and that you are enjoying this time with sister.I do understand the relative importance of the TARTS!
We miss ya. Be careful coming home.
God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

Goodbye 4 now Stevens family
Darling Aunt Donna
God is the only one that can comfort us and bring about change. I am so thankful that this was a different experience. I praise God for our Kaitlin. When I saw her playing the piano and singing with Summer, I could have just burst into tears...God is bringing her out of her comfort zone to glorify Him. She is such a beautiful lady (that sounds so strange, I just remember and little fair skinned girl with big eyes and dark hair...and that wasn't that long ago). I simply can't wait to see what God has in store for Miss Kaitlin!
Jake Rhoden said…
Debbie, (this is from Angel)
I'm so thankful for your example in the letting go process. I know I need that as the kids get older. I remind myself constantly that they are His not ours so the day comes that they leave and follow Him which may mean I don't get to see them as often. I want to be ready for that day, that day when they become more my brothers and sisters in Christ than my children and I begin to enjoy a new kind of fellowship with them even if they are far away. I'm so thankful for you and your family.
Kaitlin was a huge blessing Sunday in both services. If you get a chance look at Em's new profile pic on fb, she thinks so much of Kaitlin too. What a terrific role model for Em!
P.S. This is going to say from Jake, but that's wrong somehow he was logged in, this is Angel.
Mommy Cracked said…
That is so wonderful! I am so glad she was excited this year. Leving home is scary, but God is so good! He knows our needs...even as parents. I hope she has a fantastic year!