My Friend Brother Sam

Our friend and mentor, Sam Fowler, passed away yesterday, surrounded by the singing voices of his beloved and cherished family.

Brother Sam meant alot to our family, he and his wife, Miss Jackie. During a time of struggle in our marriage, both he and Miss Jackie mentored Mark and I for about 6 months. They helped us through that painful period by partnering with us in prayer, sharing advice and wisdom, and patiently listening to our concerns and fears.

Brother Sam started the mentoring program at our church a few years ago, and thru that program, many men and women, mature in their faith, have been equipped to disciple younger Christians. Coming along side each other, supporting, teaching, and guiding one another.

Brother Sam left his family, friends, and church a legacy. He loved his Jesus more than anyone or anything. And he shared that love for his Jesus with every one he met.

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