Keep It Up Gals!

We begin a new Bible study this week at church and I'm looking forward to getting together with other women and hearing what the Lord is doing in their lives. There is nothing sweeter than the testimonies of His children. We experience that blessing quite often on Sunday nights at our church. Our pastor encourages people to get up and "brag on Jesus".

Last night we heard from so many different people, testimonies about a recent mission trip, how a presentation a few weeks back from "Voice of the Martyrs" touched someone, what the Holy Spirit revealed to some during our revival last week.

That's one reason I like blogs so much. Instant testimonies. I can read about a friend's new insight from the Lord, or celebrate an answered prayer. I learn how people are serving others from nursing homes to jail cells. By reading the words of others, I see how He works in ways I could never imagine and His glory is spilled across my computer screen daily. The God stories of others never cease to strengthen and encourage me.

The Internet can be a good thing...


Barb said…
I'm with you sista! It truly is so encouraging and enlightening reading each others blogs. We each are in a different spot in life and each of us, because of where we are in life, can learn and grow from each other. THIS is one of the reasons I love the internet!
AngelRhoden said…
I will always be so thankful that you, Barb, and Sue had blogs going so I could learn from you guys and discover how great it is to share with people on the internet. I love checking in and seeing what's new with you all.