Taryn and The Cake: Adventures In Baking

Mark's birthday was yesterday (his 47th...*sigh*) and every year he requests a homemade cake. So I asked Taryn if she'd like to bake one for her dad and she said happily, "Sure!" Mark likes carrot cakes so we purchased a "Decadent Carrot Cake" mix from the grocery store and a couple of those frosting-in-a-squirt-can with the plastic tips, to decorate with...

And that was the last thing I had to do with his cake. Until I found it on the counter Friday afternoon.

Apparently in the cake mix box, there contained a packet with shredded carrots and raisins in it. And Taryn doesn't like raisins. So she threw out the packet. The packet with the carrots in it. Because there were raisins in it. (This is just about how our conversation went later on that afternoon when I found the carrot/raisin packet in the garbage)

She mixed together the carrot cake (now without carrots) and couldn't find two of 238 cake pans I keep stacked in the cabinet so she used two pie pans. Into the oven they went, cake batter level with the rim of the pie pans and no cookie sheet underneath them. Oh, and the pie pans were two different sizes.

Next came the icing. Taryn said she wanted to make a cream cheese icing so I got her a couple of bricks of cream cheese and powdered sugar. She printed out her recipe for the icing and started mixing everything in the handy Kitchen Aid. I'm in the office with the door open next to the kitchen when I hear this question...

"What's confectioner's sugar?" "Um, that would be the powdered sugar we bought." "Oh, well I put in regular sugar, is that gonna mess it up?"

And then a few minutes later, as Taryn was icing the cake, I heard this...

"Oh no! I printed the wrong recipe! This is royal icing for gingerbread houses!"

Its Saturday afternoon, the carrot-less carrot cake has now begun to sink in the center from the weight of the white cement sitting on top of it and Mark can't wait to cut into it.

I just love that guy.


Lindsey said...

lol! A total Taryn story! that's why we love her though. :)

AngelRhoden said...

I want to see a picture!!! She's so funny, you have to know where she gets it from, I do!

Barb said...

WOO HOO Taryn! Your EFFORT is what counts the most!

martha stewart impersonator said...

that's my girl
Creativity in the making.
Actually she made a spice cake with snow!!!!! haha
that is so mark to eat it anyhow!!!
What a great Dad!!!
love ya
Donna Frances

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