Loose Ends Vol. 1 No. 17

Since Hayden is in band, all the parents have to take a turn working the band concession stand at the high school football games...and our turn was this past Friday night. Besides selling hamburgers and Orange Crush sodas, I also got to see a fight that the cops had to break up, was coughed on 17 times, and actually sweated through my jeans. I made it through the evening though...I discovered that muttering under my breath, "I love my kid, I love my kid, I love my kid" seemed to help...I actually started chanting that phrase during the third quarter when the gallon size can of processed nacho cheese sauce fell on my foot. After that, all the other parents in the concession stand seemed to avoid me. They all gathered at the other end and at one point I thought I heard them whispering about "that weird woman with the wet pants that keeps talking to herself". They pretty much left me alone with my squirt bottle of ketchup and my hot dog tongs for the rest of the game.

October in Florida stinks. It's hot and it's humid. Putting up autumn decorations in 93 degree weather really stinks. Just thought I'd lay that one out there.

Kaitlin is back at school after a week at home for Fall break...she called an hour or so ago to tell us she forgot to bring her dorm room key back with her and she wants to drive home to get it. It's only 10 hours give or take.

I love it when the Lord refreshes old friendships.

I need a vacation from my brain.


Lindsey said…
lol! I love you mrs. debbie! you aren't weird, all the other band moms are!
I agree with Lindsey, you aren't weird....maybe just misunderstood like myself (LOL).....your blogs are always so funny! Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning...yeah, October in Florida is quite interesting.....as Forest Gump would say, "Weather in Florida is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get"....(O.K., maybe he didn't say those exact words, but close enough!)
Barb said…
UGGHHHH....I dislike Florida period, whether it's winter, summer, spring or fall! Oh yeah and YOU ARE NOT WEIRD....it's EVERYONE else who is!! Love you Deb:)
Mommy Cracked said…
The things we must endure for our kids. If that ain't love...lol!