The Christmas Chronicles...Day 4

Something happens to my children and their father when it comes to decorating the outside of our house for Christmas...some kind of decorating frenzy over takes them and once that happens, there's no reasoning with them.

You know how people always compare the lights on their neighbor's homes to the Griswald family? The house in the Christmas movie that had so many lights it caused power grids to shut down? 

Let me tell you a little secret...the movie guys got the idea for the Griswald Christmas house from us.

And my children and their father are twinkle light junkies...

There... I spilled more secrets...whew, I feel better...

Every tree, bush, rock, window, roof line and door post around our house is covered in twinkle lights...if it's stationary for more than 2 and a half minutes, it's got a string of 100 wrapped around it.

Once my mother sat in a lawn chair to watch them put up lights...within 4 minutes she looked like the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in New York.

It all starts with the four of them climbing up into the rafters of our garage to bring down the 83 plastic storage boxes of lights we keep up there during the year. They argue over who gets to go up first, they argue over who got to go up first last year, they argue over who comes down the ladder the quickest...

Then they spent the next 2 hours testing EVERY. SINGLE. STRAND. WE. OWN. And they even have a special box for extra bulbs and fuses (it's painted blue with a green light bulb and a red light bulb hand painted on the lid)

And then, they're on the roof...they spend hours upon hours on the roof...stringing and securing and moving and adjusting and picnicing get the picture, they're up there forever...and let me tell you, they aren't exactly light on their feet if you know what I mean...when they walk across the roof it sounds like Santa and the reindeer have come in for a crash landing and have brought an extra 50 elves with them.

And finally our landscaping (the trees and bushes the first owners planted) gets the royal decorating treatment...our huge oak tree actually sagged for most of December last year. I thought it was a goner until Mark took down the last strand of lights off it and it snapped back.

So each year, after a long day of stringing thousands of twinkle lights, my bunch walks to the front of our house and takes in the sight of their masterpiece...and that's usually the same day I receive my yearly "Thank You!" card from Florida Power & Light.


Barb said…
At least you've got lights on your house! My tree has no lights in the center of it and apparently, that's how it's gonna stay. Lights on my house???? You'll never see em over here! I'll have to come by and see yours and wish I was living in the "Griswald" house!
AngelRhoden said…
We're going to have to find out where you guys live and come see. We're the people who slow down and cause aggravation for other drivers because we're looking at everyone else's Christmas lights. So expect to see our vehicle driving slowly by your house one night!
Barbara said…
This sounds like reason enough for a drive by. Sue should have a get together and a tour guide of your street. I would love to see all that.